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FOR OVER 33 YEARS InvesTech Research has produced some of the most unique analysis and valuable insights found anywhere on or off Wall Street. Based in scenic Whitefish, Montana, Editor James Stack provides an effective strategy for balancing potential reward with risk through his top-rated InvesTech Research newsletter.

Instead of a "me-too" consensus with the Wall Street establishment, InvesTech offers solid historical research on why bull markets and bear markets behave the way they do.

  • InvesTech was recognized as one of only a handful of advisory services to warn subscribers to move to 100% cash prior to Black Monday on October 19, 1987.
  • In 1991 InvesTech published its bullish "TORO... TORO..." issue, just 10 days before the January stock market blast-off.
  • During the late 1990s InvesTech consistently cautioned investors about the dangers of the speculative bubble gripping Wall Street.
  • InvesTech's risk-adverse investment philosophy led investors safely through the bear market of 2000-2002.
  • InvesTech again achieved the objective of limiting losses to less than half the decline of the market average during the 2007-2009 bear market.
  • InvesTech boldly advised subscribers in March 2009 –just 4 days after the bear market bottom– that they were “heading toward a buying opportunity of a lifetime!”

With InvesTech, you'll find a service with the courage to stand alone against the crowd... to recognize and seize low-risk profit opportunities... or to shield investment capital during treacherous times.

InvesTech Research is proud to be included in the Hulbert Financial Digest “2015 Newsletter Honor Roll.” Best of all, we achieved the distinction of making this respected list with the best (lowest) Relative Risk rating, as well as the best (highest) Sharpe Ratio of all 12 advisory services on this year’s honor roll:


Chart of the Week March 20, 2015

February Building Permits increased 3% from the month before and, as the top graph below shows, they remain in an uptrend. The same cannot be said for housing starts (bottom graph), which fell decisively, primarily due to cold winter weather. Housing is an important sector in the economy and we’ll be watching these two key indicators closely this spring. Stay tuned...

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Stack Financial Management

Stack Financial Management was incorporated in 1994 in response to demand from InvesTech subscribers for personal portfolio management. SFM is separate and independent of InvesTech Research, yet employs the same safety-first philosophy and technical approach first used by InvesTech Research almost three decades ago.

  • Professional Asset Management, using a proven strategy that reduces portfolio exposure when market risk is high.
  • Account Options to suit your personal investment profile. Whether you desire dividend income or are more interested in capital growth, Stack Financial Management offers an account objective to meet your needs.
  • Portfolio Management for individual clients, corporations, trusts and retirement plans.

Click Here for more information, including account options, fees and how to order a complete information package.

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