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Measures market "breadth" or participation. Deteriorating breadth is one of the earliest and most reliable of bear market warning flags. (Trend is most important.)


Negative Leadership Composite: Measures internal leadership for evidence of a new bull market - or the danger of an imminent bear market.
(a) A bullish Selling Vacuum indicates the absence of bear market (downside) leadership. Always present at the early stage of a new bull market, but can drop to 0 in a maturing bull market. (Range: 0 to +100)
(b) A bearish Distribution reveals that bear market leadership is present and/or rapidly increasing. (Range: 0 to -100)
Leadership Indexes: Measures relative leadership strength for the NYSE and NASDAQ. Readings above +50 are usually very bullish for the 3-4 week outlook; readings below -50 are bearish. (Range -100 to +100)


Used to forecast the short-term outlook for the market, which can be useful in improving entry/exit decisions in individual stocks or mutual funds. When at Oversold levels, a rally or upward reversal is very likely within the next few weeks. An Overbought reading indicates the market has climbed too far too fast and is likely to experience a consolidation or correction.
Pressure Factor: Oversold = -30 or below / Overbought = +30 or above
Call/Put Ratio: Oversold = -50 or below / Overbought = +50 or above


Measures the monetary climate. Most bear markets begin with unfavorable or hostile monetary conditions.
MEP-BYA: The "monetary climate" as controlled by the Federal Reserve, adjusted for the positive/negative impact of international money flows on bond yields. (Range: -100 to +100)

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