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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does InvesTech publish?
The InvesTech Research newsletter is published monthly on the third Friday of the month. The InvesTech Online Interim Bulletin (available on our website) is released between regular issues of the newsletter, on the first Friday of the month. Click here to view our current publication schedule.

Is InvesTech oriented more toward long-term investors or short-term traders?
Although InvesTech's arsenal of technical tools includes short-term indicators, our "safety-first" strategy primarily addresses the objectives of long-term investors striving for capital gains. This strategy involves allocating our portfolios based on risk as assessed by our key proprietary indicators, as well as sector research and analysis. It's not unusual for InvesTech to recommend a 70% or higher cash position when key indicators confirm that the market has entered a vulnerable stage.

What indicators does InvesTech use in analyzing the market?
Of the 100+ technical and fundamental indicators (monetary, economic, leadership, breadth, momentum and sentiment) utilized by InvesTech, approximately one-third are proprietary indicators developed through years of research. While the details of our proprietary indicators are confidential, we openly present their background and always use their graphics in support of our forecasts... often comparing current readings with the past historical performance of these indicators.

How does InvesTech select Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds to recommend in the Model Fund Portfolio?
In choosing ETFs, we follow these basic criteria: The ETF should have at least $200 million in assets and adequate trading liquidity. It should also hold all or most of the securities in the index that it's designed to follow, and it should have at least a 5-year track record. Additionally, we choose funds that are sponsored by industry leaders and have expense ratios of less than the industry average of 0.6%.

The first criterion for mutual funds is a performance record which ranks among the top funds in its category. In addition, the fund should be no-load or low-load and easily switchable on the Internet or by telephone, either directly through a fund family or through a brokerage service such as Charles Schwab or Fidelity. We also look at the fund's size, annual portfolio turnover, and expense ratio, among other attributes.

Does InvesTech recommend any individual stocks?
An occasional "Stock in the Spotlight" article published in the newsletter provides investment ideas for subscribers wishing to invest in individual equities.

Do you provide money management for individual accounts?
Stack Financial Management was incorporated in 1994 in response to demand from InvesTech subscribers for personal portfolio management. SFM is separate and independent of InvesTech Research, yet employs the same safety-first philosophy and technical indicators developed by InvesTech over three decades ago.

Professional money management services are available for individual clients, corporations, trusts and retirement accounts. Clients may choose between the Capital Appreciation and Value & Dividend portfolios designed to meet the client's specific objectives. The minimum balance required to open an account is $750,000 in cash or securities. Click here for more information or contact SFM directly at:
Stack Financial Management, Inc.
625 Wisconsin Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937
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