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Getting Started

Welcome to InvesTech Research and congratulations on joining the elite group of investors who utilize InvesTech's unique safety-first profit strategy.

As a new subscriber, you should initially focus your attention only on the portions of the newsletter with which you feel comfortable. It's not important that you understand our technical indicators or the "ins and outs" of the Federal Reserve in order to profitably utilize our safety-first strategy. Investing in the stock market is a learning experience... and a long-term commitment. Within a matter of months, we're confident you'll begin to feel more at ease with the detailed analysis which has earned InvesTech its reputation as one of the nation's leading advisory services.

Most new subscribers have questions about how to implement InvesTech's safety-first strategy. Following are some guidelines to assist you in getting started. In addition, we encourage you to visit our InvesTech Library web page, where you will find the InvesTech Personal Profit Guide, your step-by-step guide to using InvesTech's "safety-first" strategy, including details of our proprietary indicators.

A Special Note for New Subscribers to InvesTech

The InvesTech Model Portfolio is designed for individual investors who want to follow our allocation and sector recommendations for the equity/fund portion of their portfolio. The following information will assist you in getting started with InvesTech. It involves the decisions that must be made by an investor who wishes to bring their portfolio allocation more into alignment with InvesTech’s strategy:

1.         Determine your current invested allocation by totaling the amounts you have invested in equities (individual stocks, stock mutual funds and stock ETFs), international stocks/funds, and precious metal investments. Divide this by your total equity portfolio size. This is your percent invested allocation.

2.         Refer to the "Percent" recommendation and allocations listed in the Model Fund Portfolio. If you are holding a portfolio that is similar in composition, sector weighting and percent invested allocation to that which we are currently recommending in the Model Fund Portfolio, it is unnecessary to make any changes at this time. Just wait for InvesTech’s next recommendation, generally made on the Friday Financial Hotline Update, to either add new positions or take profits… and act accordingly with your own holdings.

3.         Adjust your portfolio, if necessary. If your portfolio mix is dramatically different from our current recommendations and sector weightings, you may wish to consider changes to more closely align the portfolio with our model. For example, check your mutual funds for their weightings in each sector. If the combination of your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds give your portfolio significantly more or less exposure to a particular sector or category (such as international or small-cap) than we recommend, then you may wish to adjust your holdings to bring them more in line with our recommendations.

An exception to Step 3 above would be if we warn on the Hotline or in the newsletter against new purchases in a particular area. This usually means that we believe sector leadership is changing or most of the profits on a position have already been achieved and new investment would not be advisable. In that case, it is better to wait in the safety of a money market fund for our next recommendation.

Remember, InvesTech’s strategy is not a short-term market timing system, but a long-term “risk allocation” strategy based on highly sophisticated indicators. Our objective is NOT to try to forecast stock movements in advance, but to correctly assess the market environment. When market indicators point to a strong, low-risk buying opportunity, we will recommend an aggressively invested position and growth oriented sectors. Conversely, we will inform you when our indicators show risk has risen to an unacceptable level so that you can take steps to protect your portfolio. This risk-averse strategy will help you to preserve capital in times of market vulnerability so that you will be ready and able to take advantage of the next low-risk buying opportunity when it arrives.

PLEASE NOTE: Your InvesTech subscription and online access is intended for the use of just one individual per subscription. Any sharing of your subscription may result in a non-refundable cancellation of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Model Fund Portfolios has a high-cash position?
Depending on the stock market outlook when you subscribe, you may indeed discover that InvesTech's Model Fund Portfolio is defensively invested in T-bills or a money market fund. This cash reserve is adjusted according to market risk and may constitute as much as 80-100% of the portfolio when risk is extreme. This reflects our "safety-first" approach to investing in the stock market - a strategy that has proven itself through InvesTech's long-term track record.

When is the Financial Hotline updated?
The InvesTech Financial Hotline is updated and posted on our website on Fridays after 12:00 Noon (EST). In addition, an email notification is sent to subscribers whenever a special hotline is posted or when a change to the Model Fund Portfolio is recommended. To receive these email notifications, it's critical that we have your current email address on file.

How can I tell when my subscription expires?
Your subscription expiration is shown on the Member Services page of our website and is also printed on your newsletter mailing envelope. You will be sent a renewal notice prior to expiration of your subscription.

What if I have questions about my subscription or problems accessing the website?
Most problems can be quickly resolved with a telephone call to our office at 406-862-7777 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time).

Are you able to answer specific questions about my investments?
Unfortunately, no. Our extensive subscriber base and commitment to research only permit us to respond to general questions or requests within the newsletters or on the hotline update. However, each piece of individual correspondence is reviewed and suggestions for improving our service are very much appreciated.

Do you provide money management for individual accounts?
Stack Financial Management was incorporated in 1994 in response to demand from InvesTech subscribers for personal portfolio management. SFM is separate and independent of InvesTech Research, yet employs the same safety-first philosophy and technical indicators developed by InvesTech over three decades ago.

Professional money management services are available for individual clients, corporations, trusts and retirement accounts. Clients may choose between the Capital Appreciation and Value & Dividend portfolios designed to meet the client's specific objectives. The minimum balance required to open an account is $750,000 in cash or securities. Click here for more information or contact SFM directly at:
Stack Financial Management, Inc.
625 Wisconsin Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937
Email SFM

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