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Set Your Sights on Seattle

June 15-16

Make your plans now to join James Stack and the Stack Financial Management Portfolio Team as they present for the first time at The MoneyShow Seattle 2019. This unique learning experience –to be held June 15-16, 2019 at Hyatt Regency Seattle– is your one-stop resource for investment education, unbiased guidance, and personal connections to grow your portfolio in any market environment.


The 5 Bear Market Warning Flags that Will Save Your Portfolio
with James Stack
Saturday, June 15 - 10:10am-10:30am

With volatility soaring, the risk of a major bear market is imminent. What will it look like, how big will it be, and what will trigger it? Drawing from 38 years of research experience and over 100 years of financial data, noted market historian and financial advisor James Stack reveals why you must watch for these 5 bear market warning flags!


3 Secrets to "Bullet-Proof" Your Portfolio for 2019
with Annell Danczyk, Joe Laszewski, Zach Jonson
Saturday, June 15 - 1:45pm-2:30pm

Join in this gathering of the Portfolio Team of Stack Financial Management as they reveal their secrets for constructing an all-weather portfolio that is built to grow assets and preserve wealth through extreme market volatility. Learn the best sectors and industries to invest in now, and specific stock ideas that are a “must own” for any investor seeking safety-first profits.

Are We Headed for the Next
“Once-in-a-Decade” Buying Opportunity?

with Annell Danczyk, Joe Laszewski, Zach Jonson
Sunday, June 16 - 8:15am-9:00am

In this lively workshop, the SFM Portfolio Team will update the “red flags” signaling bear market and recession risks. More importantly, this seasoned team will reveal the time-tested tools and tactics that can confirm whether a bear market is in place, and how to identify that once-in-a-decade buying opportunity at the bottom.

Stack Financial Management will host a private Hospitality Room during the MoneyShow Seattle to meet with SFM clients, as well as InvesTech subscribers interested in learning more about SFM’s money management services. Portfolio Managers Annell Danczyk, Joe Laszewski, and Zach Jonson will be available for private consultations; however, availability is limited. Please call SFM at 1-800-790-5001 to reserve your meeting time.

More details about the above events and hospitality room will be made available in upcoming issues! To pre-register for free admission to The MoneyShow Seattle, call MoneyShow directly at 1-800-970-4355 or visit their website at (please be sure to mention priority code 047327).

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