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Thank You!
"I want to thank you for your publication. I have subscribed to several investment newsletters and found InvesTech to be the best. I like the way you back-up your positions and recommendations with easy to understand technical analysis. It is ideal for someone like myself who does not make investment decisions without solid rationale.

By following some of your advice I have not only made money, but have attained another achievement. I entered a Money magazine contest searching for the 'Best Personal Finance Manager in America.' The judging included everything from all-around financial savvy to investment choices and results. In December I was named the 'Best Personal Finance Manager in America' and won the grand prize of $10,000 and a computer. I have since been interviewed by several TV, radio, and newspapers with the highlight of being interviewed on 'CBS This Morning' in New York. I just wanted to share some of the credit and say THANK YOU. Sorry, I'm keeping all of the money. I look forward to many more years of profitable investing with you and InvesTech."
M. M. - Orion, MI

Not following the herd mentality
"I think I must be one of your biggest boosters. A week rarely goes by, when I don't suggest to a friend or acquaintance that they give consideration to InvesTech, because I find it very valuable. The reason I subscribed initially was because I liked the idea of Jim being a bit different... not following the herd mentality. When you are in New York, in a Wall Street firm, you have people controlling what you say and using it to sell stocks to customers. I liked both the fact that Jim was independent, and that he had the good sense to go to a place that he loved to be... on a lake in the mountains. I really like the down-to-earth tone of your newsletter. I feel that Jim's talking TO me, not AT me.

I value the ability to direct where my investment dollars are going. I have seen in action the difference that having proper market analysis and advice can make. And I'm not talking hundreds of dollars, I'm talking thousands of dollars. Anyone that enjoys learning about the market and having a better understanding of what's happening to their investments... or what they can do to prevent the loss of some very hard-earned dollars would be well advised to consider a subscription to your newsletter. InvesTech is excellent. It provides essential, timely, and accurate information without the puffery often seen elsewhere."
C. B. - Milwaukee, WI

You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more.
"I use InvesTech for business as well as for stock market investing. I'm the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation as well as a trustee of a pension fund, and I use your economic approach without any regard to the stock market. Jim is probably the smartest person writing on the market today. He has a disciplined approach, he explains his positions in a way I think anyone can understand. You don't need a degree from Harvard to understand what he says. He's just good. I'm a number one fan of his.

InvesTech is in a class by itself. I read 3 daily newspapers, 2 weekly finance journals, a monthly magazine, 5 advisory services; plus scores of technical journals and articles. There is nothing that compares with InvesTech. You have the discipline of a seasoned technician, but you also have the insight of a brilliant theoretician. That is a very rare combination. You have made us a lot of money, but you have saved us even more."
B. P. - San Juan Capistrano, CA

A timely masterpiece for investors
"I have been involved in the financial industry since 1956, as a bank director, sales manager and executive Vice President in a brokerage firm. The stock market is my hobby! I have seldom read a newsletter with so much material in so few pages. I do hope that you will continue to give your subscribers in America and around the world your conservative insight as to the protection of their capital. I would like to thank you and commend you on behalf of all your subscribers and also all the people who will be reading this [special report] - a timely masterpiece for investors. I believe it is must reading and that everyone in America should read it."
J. S. J. - Quebec, Canada

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